A major problem amongst many prospective app owners today is the inability to decode that while having the foresight to create an app, it is important to create a clear and well-structured mobile app development spec.

All the possible hitches should be scrutinized, reviewed and taken into consideration before an app is implemented or launched.

From my recent study as a Computer Scientist, I have discovered that many visionary mobile app developers do not pay attention to this aspect before moving on to create their app. Yes! They are well talented and creative but being talented and having the wrong approach does not guarantee a perfect result but the effort and creativity all ends up in a mess.



An app development spec is a detailed document that gives a clear picture of the scope of work and requirements needed to create an app. It acts as a guide for the app developer.

Now, I will make you see how important it is to create a mobile app development spec.


  1. It makes your vision real.
  2. An App development spec is like a pointer to what your aims are.
  3. It saves time and reduces unnecessary efforts.
  4. It shows your requirements and helps you revolve around your budget.
  5. It literally communicates with your service provider on how to develop the app and how it will interact with users and systems.
  6.  It sets out the computing logic of your application.

These are just a few out of the many reasons why creating an app development spec is important.

This post as said earlier gives your developer an edge to what the app is about and makes implementation easier and more efficient resulting in a well-developed app. Therefore, Technical expertise is needed to properly prepare one. If you’re not a technical person, you’ll need a qualified and experienced developer to craft the document for you.

This saves time and effort.

In this article, I will outline the most important approach to making an app spec.  You will learn the basic steps of writing mobile app spec and what a good document looks like, thereby expressing your idea and making your vision plain for your service provider.


To begin;

  1. INFO ORIENTED: You need to be tech savvy and have the big idea behind the app.
  2. AIM: You must make known in detail, the aim and objective of your app. It’s about your reasons for having an app, the problem that your app is going to solve and other details.
  3. RELATED GLOSSARY: Terms, abbreviation, and shortenings that will be applied to the document should be well elaborated on.
  4. AUDIENCE: Specify the primary group of people to whom your app is aimed at appealing to. How familiar are they with technology? What do they read, watch, enjoy and do? These are things you should consider.
  5. PLATFORMS: You need to consider which mobile platform your app is planned to suite; iOS, Android, Windows or all of the above.
  6. Make a list of possible technologies that should be used for building your app.
  7. TIMEFRAME: Make a time frame of when you want to finalize the app and make it known to the developer.
  8. BUDGET: Earmark an intended expenditure for your project.



Now it’s time to dig into the vitals of the app – the specifications you want to make available for users, you simply need to think about what your app needs to do. Your aim and goal come to play in this section. Examples could be:

  1. Usability (screens, view modes, menus, etc.) and UI
  2. Printing functionality
  3. Compatibility


Do you know what colors and fonts you want?

Professional graphic designers know how best to design your app. Most app development agencies have in-house graphic designers who are skillful in designing. You can also get a freelancing agent who specializes in design. In this case, the designer will require a separate specification which can as well be joined in the app development spec document.

MAINTAINANCE: This should also be a part of the plan. After apps are developed, they need to be maintained. I will strongly recommend that you speak to your developer on this issue and also make personal research.



  1. Review existing applications in the store
  2. Prioritize your features. Make known to the developer those things that are the most important.
  3. Make a call sheet with all the contact details and short bios of everyone involved in the project. Including email addresses, roles, and responsibilities.
  4. Evaluate your document thoroughly and make sure no info is lacking. 

That’s it! You are ready to create your killer mobile app development spec which will guarantee you an amazing app.

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