The demand for mobile phones and mobile applications is rapidly increasing. But you know since the demand is high, the quality shouldn’t be compromised and the manufacturers of this should also ensure that this mobile apps they produce gives maximum satisfaction to its users. It shouldn’t be so hard to operate, it should benefit its users and most importantly wanted by its users. Because I for one can’t buy what I don’t desire to have.

Below are the key factors the manufactures of these products and services need to keep to heed in other to meet users needs in mobile phones and mobile apps.



As a manufacture before you market your products to the public or before you begin App development, you should first of all conduct a thorough market research.

Analyzing the market thoroughly will give you more clues about your competitors, their method of sales, their strength and as well their weaknesses and not only that, you would be able to know the qualities users of mobile apps usually look for. You would be able to improve on yours and try to meet their taste and maybe not repeat the flaws of other producers or copy what they have done.

This research is very essential because we find out producers tend to overlook customers review. Rarely you see a company who wants to launch their products come to ask prospective customers of their view, their likes or dislikes about the previous apps they’ve been using to see if they can use that to improve the features/qualities of theirs . I bet with these you can win your competitors customers in no distant time.



This simply implies that whatever you do as a manufacturer of products users find interest in easily, you should do it with all sincerity and accuracy. You should be able to meet customers want in mobile apps. There’s the data efficiency. yes. Android phones that use a 3G or 4G data are most likely to be downloaded and forgotten, as a prospective client delving into App development, to avoid such you will have to ensure your apps uses data efficiency and does not consume much data.



How about this time around you create something different, something spectacular, something your clients weren’t expecting. Something that when it hits the market. Boom! Everybody wants to have one.

In this modern time users wants to experience something new and not the boring  qualities they have grown used to. I bet you when you do this, users would find your mobile app exclusively interesting and would want to keep them for a long while.


DON’T KEEP YOUR USERS WAITING:  Another important factor to consider during your App development quest is to consider speed.

When users have to wait for a particular app to load all the time before they can make use of it can be so annoying and tiring. One can easily lose interest in such apps who possess this features. To avoid this, you can try using the loading indicators and animations to give users  the assurance that the app is still working and is still waiting for their phones network.



Price! This is what users firstly look at. You should learn to place the price of your mobile apps correctly. Surely it’s quite hard to place prices for mobile apps but they are factors which a manufacturer needs to consider before the determine prices for their apps.



Like I said at first, as a manufacture delving into your App development, you need to know who your prospective customers are because they are the main reasons you developed the app at first.

User satisfaction should be your top priority. And to do this you need to get their views and feedbacks. How useful is your app to them and most importantly how well has it helped them. Putting all these into practice will surely fetch a mass audience.



You need to make sure you market your mobile app at the expected time. Most manufacturers fail to carry out their marketing plan effectively. Normally, manufacturers should start app marketing at least before 2-3 weeks of the launch to let their users know.



It’s essential  for you to test your mobile app before you launch it to the market. App development comes with many cons, one of which is bugs. As a manufacturer, your app should be easy and simple to operate and users should be able to understand it. Testing your apps before launching enables you to amend or add where necessary. 



In App development, money is surely needed. You will have to allocate your budget efficiently amongst each stage of your App development. In some cases you can employ someone to help you do so.


With these few tips I’m sure you would be able to develop your mobile apps with ease and its going to last longer than you expect.


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