Today there are so many ways and methods to earn money on the Internet. One of them is owning a website. Online trade is an excellent thing that increases your revenues and at the same time reduces the expenses on customer service. Another good way of the Internet money making is mobile app development and distribution. Mobile applications are a top-rated source of income because mobile devices play the leading role in our modern life. 

If you have a website and a mobile app, you actually stand to gain double conversions, sales and earnings from your site visitors and app users. Engaging, up-to-date content and upgrade app versions are the things you should always care about.

If you don’t own a website, you can still earn money only with your app. There are lots of applications in Google Play and Apple stores that don’t have websites but make profit by using various monetization techniques. Your app should be really good technically, practically and by meeting users’ needs.

Here are 5 ways how your mobile application can help you earn:

  1. Advertising

    Showing ads in your app is a good way to use your application wisely. You can work with Google AdMob, an advertising platform powered by Google for promoting and monetizing mobile applications. You can also offer businesses to advertise their products and servises with your app. If your application is popular and has lots of users such cooperation will be mutually profitable. For you it’s an excellent chance to earn money by setting a reasonable fee.

  2. In-App Purchases

    This app monetization method is mostly used by players in online games. Ingame resources, such as virtual gold, coins, brilliants, etc. are much in demand and can be purchased with real money by using payment card details. It’s a concept of all in-app purchases. But this feature is not only applicable to games. It can be used for many other apps. E.g. for news application you can provide a paid subscription to your up-to-date news. 

    Here are some tips and hints how to earn good money daily:

    1. Offer users to purchase 5 minutes of unlimited call credits for just $2.

    2. Users love special offers, bonuses, discounts, etc. and make lots of purchases every day. Use them.

  3. Free and Premium App Versions

    Give users different access levels to your application. The main difference between the paid and free versions is the provided options of your service. The paid access enables all features available, the free one – just a minimum set. Certain differences between these two versions should entice users to buy the premium opportunities that your app provides. E.g. the free version may show ads when the paid one is ad free. You can also create an intermediate or lite version of your app that won’t have all features the paid version has.

  4. Once-Only Payments

    With this option you can allow users to pay just once for downloading your app. No other payments like monthly, annually, etc. are required. If customers like your app you will get more users. A good developer can always give you tips and recommendations on how you can make your app compelling and advantageous.

  5. Sponsorship

    Everything you should do is to provide really good and high quality application. The money will come from sponsors. It may take some time to get sponsorship from companies and individuals, but when it comes, the profit is always amazing. You may need to search for sponsors. And companies can’t sponsor your app just for free. You should offer them something worhty in return, like mentioning their names in your app, giving them a section or something else. App sponsorship is always unique. Make the right deal and get money from your app quickly and easily.


As you see, your mobile app can make good money if you use the right way to monetize it. One of the most important aspects that can influence the quality of your application is the choice of developer. A good specialist can give you much more than just an app development. Multimedia Nordic is ready to help. Our experts have a big experience in web development, mobile app creation, graphic design, and providing business solutions for any sector. Contact us to learn more!

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