Multimedia Nordic develops high-grade, affordable and easy-to-use mobile applications for all types of businesses. Our products and services help customers improve their business results, increase performance rates and boost clients’ flow. Mobile applications that we create are very convenient as well as user-friendly for both app owners and users. You can freely update information and manage your application for iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android without paying additional fees. Users will enjoy their experience when using a smart, helpful, appealing and at the same time simple app that you will deliver to them.

Multimedia Nordic also gives free app consulting. If you have a project or just an idea for your future mobile application you are welcome to discuss it, its realization, development stages, terms, costs and other points absolutely for free. Don’t lose your chance to keep up with the times and to make your brand accessible for customers anytime and anywhere! Take advantage of digital technologies and professional developers’ team! Your competitors already use mobile devices in their business strategies, be ready to use them too. But where should you start? Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning mobile app development. They will give you simple understanding of what we do and why you should trust us the creation of your app.

  • How can a mobile application help my business?

    Smartphones based on Android and iOS (iPhone) are conquering the world. Users can run special programs on them to make their lives easier and more convenient. Mobile apps empower users to find information they require or perform other operations directly from their mobile devices without a need to use a computer. Our mobile applications allow you to tell your clients about your business, to offer them your services, and influence their decisions directly through their mobile devices. With Multimedia Nordic you can build your loyalty program and make one-time customers regular by using various opportunities provided in our mobile applications.

  • How can I build my loyalty program with your help?

    On request we can develop special functions and features supported by our mobile apps. They allow you to offer discount coupons, special offers, etc. to your users which get activated when customers fulfill conditions you set. It can be visiting your store a certain number of times, making a certain number of purchases and other.

  • What operating system should I choose?

    Mobile users can have devices based on different operating systems. So the question is what platform will help you reach out the target audience as much as possible? There are many operating systems on market with two main players: iOS and Android.

    Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s rather difficult to choose between them. App Store puts serious restrictions for mobile apps because it wants to make sure that applications that come to the store are really worth it. That’s why many companies don’t want to deal with all the rules that App Store sets and choose Android (Google Play) where requirements for published applications are not so strict.

    The best solution to this dilemma is to make an app for both iOS and Android. If it’s not possible, you need to think about all the pros and cons. The cost of mobile app development for each platform is about the same, there is no winner. Nevertheless, the  Android market is more segmented. It means that support for Android apps as well as their customization for variety of versions and screen resolutions will be more expensive for you. In its turn, iOS has a higher profitability, data security, and user loyalty. It also allows you to spend less on support.

  • What sort of app should it be?

    People need mobile applications because they perform necessary functions. Apps help users solve some particular problems, automate processes, or can be used just for fun. The main thing is to make people find a real usage of your mobile software. So try to keep the balance. When creating an app, consider the both benefits for your business and making the best product for users. By this you can make them loyal and come back to you again and again.

  • When can I get my app paid off?

    At the beginning we recommend you to make an app free. At least until you set the wheels in motion and get love as well as support of a large number of users. As soon as you achieve this goal, you can make your application paid. You can also earn money by using other ways. Start with a minimum price and gradually move up. You can offer a basic version of your app for free, but useful additional content or functionality should be paid for.

    Some apps are available by subscription. To run them users have to pay a certain fee monthly or annually.

    If you want to build an app in addition to the existing business for optimizing processes or creating a new sales channel you need to track how much money it helps you earn or save. On this basis you can calculate its ROI (Return On Investment).

  • What’s the cost of mobile app development?

    It’s probably the most frequently asked question, which, however, doesn’t have an absolute answer. In App Store and Google Play you can see lots of apps and wonder how different they all are. It’s obvious that the amount of money spent on creating each of them is also very different.

    You can meet developers who will promise you the end product in a week for $100.000. There is even such a thing as free mobile app builders. You can also find “elite” developers who are strict when selecting clients and don’t take small projects. So it simply doesn’t make sense to talk about an average price.

    Multimedia Nordic doesn’t work on apps that are self-defeating beforehand and have no real value for you or your potential users. On average, the cost of our mobile projects (Android and/or iOS) can vary depending on the following factors:

    • what final product you want to get;
    • the amount of time our specialists will have to spend on it;
    • how complex it will be;
    • the number of features and opportunities you want to implement in it.

    You can get a more detailed answer to this question if you fill out the form or send us an email. Our experts will estimate the cost of your app development absolutely for free.

  • Why is a competent technical specification a part of success?

  • If you set your task correctly, you get the key to success in any business that has a customer and a performer. The more detailed and better you set the task, the greater results and less risks you can get. We pay special attention to this point.
  • What is preliminary analysis?

  • It’s easy to make a mobile application. But it’s difficult to create a mobile app that will successfully solve users’ problems. So it is not enough to have a list of necessary functions you want to implement. Any IT project has its goals. Multimedia Nordic achieves these goals. We do not develop a product just for the sake of product. We make deep analysis, dig into your industry, study the specifics of your field and implement projects that solve specific tasks. Our solutions become an integral part of our clients’ businesses.
  • How can I be sure that I’ll get desired results in design?

  • We work by using the following package of works: design planning, prototyping, and creating design concepts. We can also coordinate each screen with a customer.
  • How can I diagnose the code quality?

  • A software product can’t be implemented without errors. Testing is the most crucial stage that is responsible for the code quality. Our quality assurance specialists conduct hundreds of tests on different devices, practicing thousands of scenarios of user behavior and loads. They find errors and remove them. We pay special attention to this stage because a bad testing or the lack of it causes a raw product regardless of developers’ competencies.


  • Why is it important to have a technical support for the product to ensure success of the mobile application?

    Today the digital world evolves in leaps and bounds. New devices are coming out, operating systems are being updated, and the market is changing. Some approaches stop working, others appear, etc. All this makes mobile instruments living organisms that change together with their audience and market. If you ignore this fact, your product will quickly lag behind its competitors and will stop being relevant and fresh for its audience.

  • How can I make changes in my application?

    If you want to make changes in your app after it was published on App Store or Google Play log in to your account and make the necessary corrections. They will be instantly displayed in the published application. There is nothing easier!

If you still have questions contact us by email or Call us +47 40040056. 

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