Mobile app development is highly popular and fast-evolving business nowadays. The statistics shows that the volumes of mobile application downloads in 2017 have reached 26 billion. That is 8% more compared to the last year. Such dynamics can’t be ignored. App market is rapidly growing and engaging more and more specialists as well as companies. To grab a piece of this cake an app should be not only technically perfect, but should also meet users’ needs and requirements. If you have brilliant ideas and want to realize them in a fully-featured mobile application, the question is the price of realization. So how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? What factors influence its price?

The power of mobile apps is indisputable in the modern world. Today mobile phones are as important as the oxygen. We use them not just to contact people by making calls or messaging. We check them up for thousand times a day, spend hours surfing the Internet, order things and services with the convenience of mobile apps and many more. The number of applications downloaded for mobile devices is increasing day by day, so as the share of apps for Android phones on the mobile market. In 2016 users around the world spent $17 billion on mobile apps. According to the forecasts, this figure is going to grow significantly and in 2021 it will reach $100 billion.

Mobile applications become very convenient for receiving, sharing and using information. Anywhere and anytime. But the price for mobile app development is not low. Here are the most important aspects that affect mobile app creation cost:

  1. Experience and location of the development team;
  2. Complexity of the future application;
  3. Operating system;
  4. Mobile app design.


  1. Experience and location of the development team

    Development takes the biggest part of the project budget since it includes the work of different specialists and directly depends on the time they spent on it. Project managers, developers, quality assurance specialists are main participants of application development process. Depending on the location of your team and its experience, the development cost may vary significantly.

    Here are some approximate hourly rates for app design/development:

    • USA, Canada – $50 – 250
    • Western Europe/UK – $30 – 175
    • Eastern Europe – $20 – 150
    • India – $10 – 80
    • Australia – $50 – 150

    The range of prices here is quite wide even within one region. But it is not recommended to choose a company just because it has low price. You should pay attention to the team’s experience, projects and portfolio, whether it provides solutions for your business. If developers have good skills and practice in implementing projects for a particular industry, the cooperation process will be very easy and effective.

  2. Mobile app complexity

    The cost of your future application directly depends on the amount of work the team has. The following parameters can influence the work scope and the app development budget:

    • The number of screens;
    • User control items;
    • Types of devices (smartphone, tablet or both);
    • Screen orientation modes;
    • Security;
    • Supported OS versions;
    • The number of languages ​​supported;
    • The ways to realize your app.

    The more complex your application is and the more features you want to add, the more time and money it requires to develop. If you provide the most detailed description of your future app, developers can give you the most accurate price quote.

  3. Operating system for mobile app

    Depending on classification all applications can be divided into following groups:

    • Native. Such apps are developed for particular platforms and devices;
    • Mobile web applications. They are websites with mobile layout that work in mobile browsers;
    • Cross-platform. These apps function on both Android and iOS platforms. But it’s difficult to guarantee good work.

    As for the choice of operating system, iOS and Android are the most popular now. Apple apps have bigger prices on Google Play Market, Android apps are used by a bigger number of smartphone owners. According to the statistics, Android is the most popular OS in the world today. The share of Android-applications on the market was 86.1% at the beginning of 2017.

  4. Design

    Mobile app design is what your end users will see on their screens after your app is loaded. It makes the application maximum clear and pleasant for visual perception. A good design is an intuitive guide for solving users’ problems. The cost of custom design depends on the number of screens and elements you need to make.


Each project is unique in its own way. Even if it copies some business logic from already existing projects, its features can always be realized in several possible ways. So if you want to develop a successful mobile app for a reasonable price, keep in mind these simple recommendations:

  1. To be popular your future application should meet the needs and requirements of your target audience. Even a perfect code and an excellent custom design don’t guarantee recognition and success. If customers don’t solve their problems with your app, the creation will hardly bring you benefits. The customer is always number one.
  2. Choose carefully the developer team. Consider price quotes in the selected region. Pay attention to portfolios. Remember that low prices don’t always prove high quality work. Try to find the best combination of price and experience.
  3. Discuss all details of the future app with your developers: business logic and functionality, the area where you plan to launch the product, monetization, analytics, etc.
  4. Determine your mobile app design.


Multimedia Nordic has rich experience in mobile application development for any business sectors. We use our knowledge and expertise in specific areas, give recommendations which allow our clients to use project budget more effectively. Do you want to create a high quality mobile application? Write us at and share your ideas. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you realize your dream projects!

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