Do you have an idea for a future mobile application but doubt if you have enough knowledge and skills to create an app? Even if you don’t understand a thing in mobile software development, you still can build a good product and earn money on it. All you need is a good team of specialists. The question “how to make an app at a reasonable price?” won’t be difficult for you to answer if you work with Multimedia Nordic.

We’ll omit all technical details related to mobile app development and give you some common tips you should know to create a fully-featured mobile application:


The work on mobile app creation starts with an idea. At first, think for whom you want to make your app. E.g. if you live in a big city with lots of tourists, you can consider developing an application for them. Or take your hobbies and interests. Let’s say you often travel and visit the most popular clubs around the world. You have made a list of your favorite places. So you can turn this database into a mobile application for travelers.

Many well-known apps that are not focused on special interests, but are always in the top ratings are games. Gaming applications tend to earn good money because users are more willing to pay for them, especially if they are very popular among their friends.

Don’t get upset if you find an application with a similar idea to yours in App Store or Google Play. Try to think outside the box. E.g. there can be several apps that provide information and maps for all of the most popular tourist places in your area. You can make an application that provides data about unusual places that are not known by everyone.

Make your idea unique. It will have few competitors. But take a look at your competition and figure out what you can do to create your app that will be better than theirs.

Consider the following aspects when you are thinking about your future application:

  • Do you plan to develop your app by your own or you are able to hire a team of programmers?
  • Will your application require daily control?
  • Do you want it to become your main business or just a single project?
  • What platforms will your app work on?

Types of Applications

There are lots of categories on the mobile market in which you can build your app. The examples below demonstrate some of the most popular options:

  • Games (Bubble Shooter, Candy Crush Saga)
  • Travel (Google Trips,, trivago)
  • Social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat)
  • News (Google News & Weather, BBC News, Fox News)
  • Music (SoundCloud, Music Player, Apple Music)
  • Videos (VivaVideo, VideoShow)
  • Utilities (Clean Master, GPS Tools)
  • Photos (Google Photos, QuickPic, Photo Frame)
  • Books (Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Epic!)
  • Movies (Netflix, Movie Collection, MX Player)


At this stage you need to formulate the goal for your application. In other words, you need to understand what for you are creating an app for mobile devices. But don’t consider the goal from the perspective of your business. The answers like “to improve the quality of our service” or “to provide comfort to smartphone owners” hide a specific business goal: to stimulate sales. It won’t help you plan the functionality of the future application.

Look at the app goal from the customer’s point of view. Think for what purpose a user should install and use your app. Answer the question: how can your application help people?

If you have an online store, the goal of the mobile app development can be to give customers an opportunity to choose and buy goods by using a smartphone or tablet. To achieve this goal you should take care about the following:

  • Easy navigation. A customer should have a possibility to search for products and goods by categories, set parameters, manufacturers, etc.
  • Good shopping opportunities. Your application should provide a shopping cart, payment system, possibility to track the order status.
  • Personal user account. It is necessary to manage customer’s activity. There should be such blocks as Purchase History, My Wishes, Favorites and others.
  • Push notifications. They will help you send messages to your clients about new goods and promotions.
  • Information section. It should give users an opportunity to read the latest news, reviews and other information.

As you see, goal setting determines the functionality of the future application.


Before you start developing your app you should decide how you will make money on it. There are some basic ways to monetize apps, by this applications fall into the following types:

  • Free apps. Large companies use them for selling their products or services.
  • Free apps with ads. Such applications help companies to actively interact with users.
  • Paid apps. It’s the most popular and profitable type of monetization. But Apple takes a 30% commission from every sale of your app.
  • Lite and Pro versions. Lite version is free, but it has limited features. Pro version unlocks all the functionality for users.
  • In-app purchases. This option allows you to sell new functionality or game levels directly in the app.


If you want to choose an easy, but risky way to develop your app, you may monitor different freelancing platforms where you can find independent developers. Their services may be cheaper but more unreliable than the work by acknowledged IT companies. You may hire unfair specialists.

More trustworthy and safer way to build your app is cooperation with IT firms, companies and teams. They have their own websites where you can see their clients, portfolio, technologies they use, the types of apps they specialize in and many more.

Here is a list of some questions you should ask your future developers:

  • What is the price of their work?
  • Who are their clients now and in the past?
  • Are their applications successful?
  • Will you have all the rights for the application created?
  • Do they have experience and knowledge to make your idea a reality?
  • For what platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) can they develop mobile apps?

Development Cost

Depending on the type of application you want to create, the price can vary. Some prices may seem to you very high, but you should keep in mind that the profit from a successful app covers all the expenses in several times. Besides, gaming apps are the most expensive in terms of development. They are also hits of sales.

If you have some work done (e.g. layout and graphics) you can significantly reduce the development cost. Another way to shave the price is to offer developers a share of profits. To find out how much your app development will cost, you can use this calculator. Publishing your app on App store will cost you $99.9 per year, on Android Play Market – $25.


The money that you can earn on your app will depend on its popularity and number of downloads. So it is hard to say how much money you can make on it. Surely you can create a hit application like Angry Birds game that will bring you $100,000 a month.
To make good money on your app learn some tips and hints:

  • Your app should be interesting to a wide range of audience
  • Explore the most popular applications on the market
  • Today it’s easier to earn money on apps for iOS
  • Make your application available for iPad


In general, the answer to the frequent inquiry “how to make an app?” is very simple: trust to professionals. Multimedia Nordic is the team of experts you need. We have a big experience in developing apps for different types of businesses. Our mobile applications are compelling, successful and in demand. We guarantee high quality of our work. Contact us to learn more!

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