The important element of any mobile application is its name. One or several words have a big effect on your product success and its further distribution. A lot depends on the app name: it plays a crucial role in making first impression on users. In addition, the choice of correct name is a part of work on App Store Optimization (ASO), SEO for mobile applications.

All developers have the task to make an application maximum attractive for users, technically, visually attractive as well as comfortable. So that mobile searchers would love their product and buy it. But the first thing users see when surfing the Apple and Google Play stores is not design, features, not even a description in the store, but the app name. If you give a standard name to your application, users won’t just notice it and go by. To stand out from the crowd, you need to make the name of your creation catchy, memorable, and impressive. So people can easily remember it and recommend your app to their relatives, friends, etc.

The basic principles of successful app name are quite easy. The name should be:

  • simple
  • short
  • original to some extent
  • revealing the main point and function of the application.


One of such good names is the name of application developed for retailers, institutional buyers and bulk customers. It’s an E-Distributor that allows shops, institutions and wholesale buyers to make purchases directly from manufacturers and brands. It seems difficult to come up with a bright, memorable and not trivial name that would communicate the main idea of this app. But creators perfectly solved this problem by naming their product Just Buy Live. The name is simple, original and not banal.

Here are some of the rules that will help you create successful and memorable name for your app:

  • Name = Function

    Name should answer the question: what is the purpose of this application? When a user sees a name in the ocean of apps, he/she should read what function this application fulfils. If it’s a flashlight or hotel booking, it’s reasonable to specify this in the application name. The main difference between usual naming and mobile app naming is in reporting the main product function.
    Creators of Easy to Read Bible app perfectly reported an app function in their application name.


  • Keywords

    Pay attention to keywords. If you use them directly in the app name, your traffic can increase significantly. Users will have more chances to find your app in the store. The better keyword entry, the higher position this keyword has in the search. To work with keywords you can use any specialized analytical services, such as Sensor Tower, SearchMan,, and many others.


  • Namesquatting  

    This method is quite controversial but it has legs. It works the following way: you choose a name that is concordant or very similar to a famous top chart app. When users tape in the name of the original app in the search it will be in the first position of the results page. But then there will be apps with similar names, so your app has good chances to appear in top 10.
    The stores don’t like this trick, but there are no direct restrictions or prohibitions for this rule. And the method proved to work good. As an example, here’s the story with a very successful app Flappy Bird. Clones with similar names quickly filled up the mobile market. Their publishers made good money in a fairly short period of time.


  • Double Word Name

    App names can be very original and attractive if creators put two or sometimes three words together. The name can include the main function of the app and a word that intensifies it. Tweetbot, Wunderlist and MetricsCat are good examples. Some apps, such as Facebook, are just tail pieces of main services and they use their names. The name of SmartGlass app developed by Microsoft just followed a pattern that was connected to one of the company’s fields of activities.


  • Sentences

    You can use sentences as app names. But they shouldn’t be long. Think of Cut the Rope app. If you put a sentence as your app name don’t use uppercase letters. It may look sketchy like Eat That Snow game name.


  • Prefixes, Suffixes

    Different word parts are your good friends when it comes to app naming. Be creative. But don’t forget that your app name should be clear and easily pronounced like Bomber Game, Outside, Baby Tracker, etc.  You can also use such words as “get” and “go” to call users to action. E.g. Go Security, Go Keyboard, Get tv, Get Cloud and many more. If you have problems with naming your domain you can easily solve them by adding “get” word to the domain name. As an example, there is the Pocket application, but domain was taken. The developers found a simple solution and registered This trick worked good.


  • Apple and Google Play Rules

    When naming your app, you should take into account the rules of Apple and Google Play stores. App Store standards say that the name and the icon must have 4+ age rating despite the app content. It makes sense because a child can read a name without even downloading an app. Apple’s rules for app names are 255 character limit. But you shouldn’t go beyond 80 characters. Google Play sets the limits up to 30 characters and offers tools to test names. There are also taboos for using registered trademarks as names in both stores.


  • Name Generators

    Different name generators such as NameBoy or Dot-o-mator can give you fresh ideas and new ways for naming your app. But use them carefully because computer generated names can be strange and not always correct.


  • Localization

    Even if right now you don’t include in your plans localization of your app, you should think about it before naming your product. The best applications usually go global. But it can be very hard to translate some realia to different languages. So make sure that your app name and content don’t have undesired meanings before your brand moves on to other markets. Double check to assure that no one else is using your name or something similar to it on the market.


The application name is a very important attribute that should be treated with a special attention. Only the name gives users first impression about your app. In the endless list of applications, names and icons you may get lost if your app name won’t shout loud about your product and its benefits over competition. For advice, help or consultation contact Multimedia Nordic. We will help your application be effective, competitive and selling.

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